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26 April 2024

The Awkward releases new single ‘Better Off Alone’ featuring Anne Nederhoed off their new EP ‘Down Under Distractions’

Dutch indie-pop band The Awkward celebrate their new EP ‘Down Under Distractions’ with lead single ‘Better Off Alone’’, featuring Anne Nederhoed. 


The single reflects on the romantic history between The Awkward’s singer Rashid Beltifa and singer-songwriter Anne Nederhoed. The main theme of the song is accepting that sometimes relationships don’t pan out the way you want them to be. ‘’At least we got a great song out of it,’’ say Rashid Beltifa and Anne Nederhoed laughing. 


‘Better Off Alone’, as well as previously released single ‘Tiny Black Tattoo’, are both part of the new EP ‘Down Under Distractions’, which was released today. 


‘Better Off Alone’ and ‘Down Under Distractions’ are now available on all major streaming platforms. For updates on The Awkward, visit or follow The Awkward on Instagram or TikTok at @theawkwardmusic. 

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